2015 Dallas Texas Middle School National Debate Tournament Result

2015 Dallas Texas Middle School National Debate Tournament Result

Join us in congratulating the Ivy Bridge Academy Debate Team competitors who placed in the Nationals held in Dallas, Tx.

The National Speech and Debate Association Tournament marks the capstone of middle school and high school speech and debate activities for more than 130,000 students around the country. To attend, students must place among the top competitors at their district tournaments. Final rounds are judged by blue ribbon panels including CEOs, former Cabinet members, stage and screen celebrities, sponsors and acclaimed community members.

Yes, it’s a BIG DEAL! The future leaders who will lead us to new and greater places!

CONGRATULATIONS team! We are so proud of each and everyone of you!!!

And a big thank you to all the parents who allowed their children to venture onward for new experiences of a lifetime!

2015 Dallas Texas Middle School National Debate Tournament Result

9th place: Raymond Qin 8th (Vickery Creek MS) – Sudhan Chitgopkar 8th (Vickery Creek MS)
17th place: Christopher Bodea 7th (Autrey Mill MS)- Daniel Park 8th(Dodgen MS)
49th place: Joshua Lee 8th (Hull MS)- Brian Shon 6th (Web Bridge MS)
66th place: Tarun Selvaraj 8th (Tayler MS) – Kevin Li 8th (Riverwatch MS)
79th place: Hamilton White 8th (Riverwatch MS)- Joshua Reid 8th (Piney Grove MS)
86th place: David Oum 8th (Autrey Mill MS) – Jeffrey Yang 8th (Web Bridge MS)
88th place: Ryan Moon 6th (Tyler MS) – Kyu Kim 6th (Autrey Mill)
90th place: Omer Mujawar 5th (Autrey Mill MS)- Maria Jothish 5th (Rivertrail MS)
99th place: Matthew Kim 6th (Hull MS) – Paul Song 6th (Rivertrail MS)

117th place: Siddhi Chitgopkar 6th (Vickery Creek MS) – Ivy Lee 5th (Great Atlanta)

Individual Speakers

17th Speaker – Raymond Qin 8th (Vickery Creek MS)
25th Speaker – Sudhan Chitgopkar 8th (Vickery Creek MS)


Debate Nationals 2015 Dallas TX

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