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IBA Debate Camp

Ivy Bridge Academy was founded based on our belief that debate offers the young mind a pathway to critical thinking and sense of empowerment.

We offer debate programs for:

Beginner Debate Program: The Beginner Debate Program covers a wide range of debate and public speaking at a level that is comfortable for those who have never debated or delivered a speech before. The program is meant to welcome students and boost their confidence with these skills

Intermediate Debate Program: The Intermediate Debate Program is designed to help students who have already attempted public speaking and debate and wish to improve their skills. Often students in grades 7-9, who feel unsure of their ability will enter camp at this level and leave with newfound confidence.

Leadership Debate Program: The Leadership Debate Program, is designed for the highly skilled debater and involves one-on-one training. The training provided is meant to help students become more competitive with their skills as well as how to mentor others.  Campers graduate from this program eager to compete and assist their school and coach with the development of co-curricular speech and debate.

Ivy Bridge Academy:


Debate Training and Literacy Skills

We live in a global society, where the latest news stories and events are the subjects of constant debate.  Technology has made it possible for people to discuss issues and make their voices heard.  However, young people often lack the communication skills needed in the workplace and in life.


At Ivy Bridge Bridge Academy, we offer an after-school program for Middle School students in Public Forum Debate.  Our expert instructors have training and experience in debate and language arts and our exceptional students have an outstanding record of winning in local and regional competitions.  However, debate is more than just a competition – it has been a useful learning tool for our students  to work collaboratively and independently on research, and improved critical thinking.  We find that debate is a way of promoting active learning, discussing and defending issues, and in general, giving students a more meaningful experience than merely reading about it in a textbook.   Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and we believe that debating and winning can empower them and give them self-confidence to overcome any situation.


Schools that encourage their students to participate in debate, not only improve their own image in the educational community, but also offer students opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom environment.


Potential advantages for debate training:


  •        Strengthens better communication skills in reading, writing and conversation
  •      Helps develop critical thinking
  •      Contributes to the understanding of the differences between viewpoints
  •      Improves subject knowledge and helps students apply learning to real-world situations
  •      Raises aspirations for higher learning and career options
  •      Boosts  self-confidence  from the sense of challenge and personal achievement
  •      Helps students  stand out and present themselves  with confidence
  •      Improves cultural awareness through meeting new people from diverse backgrounds
  •      Improves SAT and ACT scores


It is better to debate a question without settling it, than to settle a question without debating it. – Joseph Joubert

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