Experienced Teachers

Our expert faculty have years of proven experience combined with a passion for teaching. We are dedicated to our mission of educating, encouraging, and elevating our students to new heights of learning and leadership.



Lead Academic Camp Instructors:

Ivy Bridge Academy Debate Faculty
Mike Lacy, Head Debate Coach Mike_Lacy_head_debate_coach 4-time National Debate Tournament qualifier, 3-time top 16 college
debate team in the nation, and has worked at debate camps across the
country including at Emory University, the University of Georgia, the
University of Michigan, and Michigan State University.

  • Debated for 4 years at Chattahoochee HS and 4 years at the University of Georgia
  • 2005 Woodward Novice National Championship Semifinalist and 6th speaker
  • 2007 Glenbrooks Champion and 4th speaker
  • 2008 MBA Quarterfinalist and 2nd speaker
  • 2008 Emory Semi-finalist and 3rd speaker
  • 2008 Harvard Finalist and 2nd speaker
  • Qualified for the 2007 and 2008 Tournament of Champions, receiving 12 total TOC bids over 2 years.
  • 2008 Tournament of Champions Quarterfinalist
  • 4-time National Debate Tournament qualifier and 3-time First-Round bid recipient
Zach Strother Experienced high school debate coach, has worked as coach for
first-year debaters at the Westminster Schools and Johns Creek High
School, and has worked at the University of Michigan debate camp.
Stephen Weil Winner of the 2005 Tournament of Champions, 4-time National Debate
Tournament qualifier, 4-time top 10 college debate team in the nation,
2-time recipient of the Copeland Award given to the best college team in
the nation, and has worked at multiple debate camps including at Emory
University and the University of Michigan.
Patrick Smith Qualified for Tournament of Champions, winner of multiple regional
tournaments, and has taught debate at multiple Georgia schools. Patrick
has been teaching at Ivy Bridge for 2 years.
Adam Grellinger Adam has extensive experience both as a late elimination debater in
collegiate national debate tournaments and as a lead debate instructor.
Some of Adam’s recent debate coaching experiences include Lab Leader at
the University of Georgia Debate Institute, and Johns Creek High School
Varsity Debate Coach. Additionally, Adam has a wide ranging experience
in tutoring high school and middle school students in a wide range of
topics, including math, english, and , SAT & ACT prep.
Austin McClanahan Austin_McClanahan_IBA_Debate Graduate of the University of Virginia and
University of Georgia Law School. Austin participated on Lakeside High
School’s debate team, and has experience putting debate into practice by
researching and drafting legal arguments and presenting them before
Ivy Bridge Academy Math Faculty
Dr. Eric Choi, Ph.D.
Mathematics, Head Math Instructor
Dr Eric Choi IBA Math Prof Professor, Emory University; lead instructor of
SAT, Kaplan Test Prep (all subjects). Teaching all levels of math,
including algebra, geometry and calculus

Dr. Selcuk Koyuncu, 
Ph.D. Mathematic


Professor of mathematics North Georgia

Teaching all levels of math for middle and high
school students

  • Algebra 1, 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre-algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • PSAT and SAT
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus I, II, III
David Park, M.Ed.   University of Georgia, Experienced high school
math teacher
Naomi Noh, M.Ed.   University of Georgia, Experienced teacher of
Math and Science, middle school.
Ivy Bridge Academy English Language Arts Faculty
Grace Webster, M.Ed., Administrator Cumming Campus Grace_Webster_Admin Graduate of University of
North Carolina, Greensboro; Experienced teacher of English Language
Arts, book clubs and ESL
Eric Lang Prof. Eric Lang IBA English SAT Graduate of Harvard University
Experienced Private High School Teacher: 5 years
SAT/ACT and English Writing Teacher

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