The Ivy Way

The Ivy WayExcellence in Debate, Excellence in Language, Excellence in Math, Excellence in Character, Excellence in Life!

Our goal is the instill every child with the skills to develop confidence, character, and learning to think “outside the box”.

At our core, we teach our students to be better debaters through one of our IBA Debate Summer Camp or After-School Programs.

But what does being a better debater mean and how will it benefit the student?

The Debate Tournament, as most know it, is actually the culmination of the pooling and training of a wide skill set; the honing of the critical analytic thought process to the anticipation and understanding of differing and opposing views, and finally to overcoming the natural fear of public speaking and delivering a composed well thought succinct position that comes from earned confidence.

There is nothing more powerful to inspire a child to a lifetime of learning than when he or she realizes the power of knowledge, one’s positions, and training to communicate with clarity and conviction.

And there truly is nothing like debate in the way it brings together research, deep analytic thought, necessity to be open minded, public speaking, and social interaction to propel our children to new heights!



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