2013 National Debate Tournament at Birmingham Alabama

Ivy Bridge Academy at the 2013 National Debate Tournament at Birmingham Alabama,  June, 18th -21st  2013

What a wonderful experience for all! Doubly so for those for whom this was their first National Debate Tournament! With over 300 of the top young debaters from around the nation competing, I am so proud of our students for their debate performance!

Imagine getting up on the national stage and being tested under fire! I’ve no doubt each of our students’ performance reinforced the power of knowledge and preparation.  It’s that moment when things click!  And it’s what for which we as teachers get up in the morning! 🙂

Congratulations team!

And as always, a big thank you to the parents for allowing your children to attend the 2013 National Debate Tournament!

Now without further ado, the Ivy Bridge Academy 2013 National Debate Tournament Delegation representing the Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Suwanee, Georgia area and the results!

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2013 National Tournament at Birmingham Alabama

Winner Team of Consolation Bracket Octafinallist

Public Forum Debate

  • David Oh 7th (Alton C. Crews MS)
  • John Moon 7th (Autery Mill MS)

Participant Teams

  • Amy Rhee 8th Mt. Pisgah Christian MS
  • Daniel Park 8th Dickerson MS
  • Amith Vadlamudi 8th (Northwestern MS)
  • Brian Hu 8th (Web Bridge MS)
  • Amanda Liang 8th (Riverwatch MS)
  • Kevin Tao 8th (Riverwatch MS)
  • Kelly Wang 8th (River Trail MS)
  • Preston Lee 7th (North Gwinnett MS)
  • Adam Liang 7th (River Trail MS)
  • Rohan Kanakamedala 8th (Northwestern MS)
  • David Oh 7th (Alton C. Crews MS)
  • John Moon 7th (Autery Mill MS)



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